As founder and principal, I take responsibility for all recurring expenses, such as rent and salaries.  But I have received valuable support from others, in particular:

  • Thrive, a US-based NGO administered at AISD, provides fresh fruit, nuts and milk for Ariel girls every day. In addition to providing critical nutrition, the food motivates parents to bring the child to school.
  • Scholastica, a well-established private school in Dhaka, generously supplies books for guided copy and drawing, and also provides teacher training for full-time and volunteer teachers.

In addition, Ariel has benefited from discretionary gifts and donations from generous expats in Dhaka, particularly from the Spanish community, and from Cantemus, the mixed-voice choir.

Use of Future Donated Funds

Any gifts or donations we receive in the near future will be used primarily for two purposes:

  • To provide rickshaw van transportation for the girls to and from school
  • To purchase educational toys and texts
  • To provide uniforms and and warm clothing in winter to obtain any props or equipment needed for physical education or dance



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